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Optimal Protection for Your Teeth. Are you or a family member actively involved in a sport and need to protect your smile? Is nighttime grinding or clenching preventing you or your partner from getting a good night’s sleep? Our dentists offer sports guards and mouth guards that our Tysons Corner and Vienna, VA patients find are excellent, tangible solutions.

Mouth Guards Q & A

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Customized Mouthguards Versus Store-Bought Mouthguards

It’s true, store-bought mouthguards work about 30% of the time to protect your teeth. However, for the 70% majority who need a customized guard, our office specializes in custom fabricated mouthguards and nightguards to protect your smile. At your appointment, we’ll make impressions of your top or bottom teeth. From the impressions, we’ll create a customized guard for you, ensuring greater comfort and a secure fit. Within a week or two, you’ll return to pick up and try on your customized appliance. We’ll always check to make sure the guard fits correctly and is a good fit for your bite and make adjustments where necessary.

A nightguard can help with frequent headaches or jaw soreness from clenching. It can also protect your teeth from wear and tear due to grinding. Nightguards have even been known to aid in improving nighttime breathing as well as reducing snoring. It’s vital to wear your nightguard every night to see the numerous benefits it can give you. But once you get into the habit, wearing it will become second nature to you, as will waking up comfortably in the morning.

Sports Guards
At Tria Dental Tysons, we provide our patients with two different types of sports guards, both of which offer amazing protection:

  • Armor strength- A great option for athletes who want to enhance their performance. When athletes bite down, the overall strength of the correctly positioned jaw works in harmony with the strength of the rest of the body.
  • Protective guard- A traditional mouthguard which fits over the teeth to protect from damage while playing a contact sport. As an added bonus, your team’s logo can be printed on the guard to personalize it.

Whether nighttime grinding wears on your teeth, or you simply want your teeth protected during competitive sports, protecting your smile is important. And the best defense system? It’s a custom-fabricated nightguard or sports guard. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment with our fantastic dentists in Vienna, VA.